Eric Michel Ministries Worldwide Gospel
What is Christianity?

A Christian is a person who has encountered the love of God as a direct
result of putting the faith in Christ.

This experience brings the person into a relationship of loving God and
make a family member in the Church of Christ

To be Christian you will have to publicly be baptized by water. It is the
physical activity after you have repented of your sin and confessed
Christ as Lord.

The next step is about moving forward. It is to engage with God and
connect with others.

Our philosophy is when you are baptised, it let a mark on your soul
that can not be removed. According to this philosophy if you have
been baptised in the Christian faith no matter which denomination
you do not need to be re-baptized.
When you attend a service or a community group,
We hope that you will share your experience with the Facebook Community
and that you encounter Christ. This is our reason d' être.
One touch from Christ can make all the difference.
When we encounter Christ, He changes us inside and out.
We are re-born and we have the desire to please Him.

We are a community who helps and encourages one another in living
this Christian life.

We invite you to
join in!